August 14,2015

Yesterday my hand shook so much I could not do straight edges  so I blocked in base colours leaving hard edges for good days. Today I will shade contours and shadows and hope for the best.

This is a wierd way to go but if it works I'll be reasonably content. I love painting even if it is wrong or gross. I wonder how many days this will take.

During the five years of study, I finished a 24x36 in one night session. Painted them wet on wet, one on top of one another on masonte, until they were too heavy to cart around.

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August 01,2015

I am attacking Mile 555 4'x8' again - started in 2006. Finished top half, stumped by bottom half. I have added buildings, animals, stalls, and a Navajo lady astride a rearing horse wielding a whip above  the sheep. (We saw her many years ago when my children were little and that image in velvet, satin and turquise jewlery stuck in my memory.) But she did not suit this painting. So this is sink or swim. Make it work or gesso it.


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